2021 & 2020 Section 1 & Section 2 Worked Solutions have now been uploaded!

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1) BMAT Revision Guides for Sections 1, 2 & 3
2) Past Paper Worked Solutions (2003 – 2019)

BMAT Revision Guides for Sections 1, 2 & 3

To maximise your BMAT score, time management is very crucial during the exam. To solve as many questions as possible in the given time, you need to have the best time-saving techniques.

– You will be provided with detailed explanations for the types of questions seen in Section 1 (e.g. Conclusion Questions). The methods to answer the types of questions are outlined and described with examples, which will help you to answer Section 1 questions within the time limit.

– 70+ Section 2 Topics from Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Maths are covered in a concise manner. All scientific knowledge required for Section 2 is covered within these topics. Each topic is explained with examples so learning is made easy and simple. This will help you to tackle Section 2 quickly and with more confidence.

– Section 3 Tips & Tricks provided in this book will allow you to write to-the-point essays with the expected organisational skills and language. This will help you to improve your Section 3 Mark and Grade. 10 Sample Essays provided at the end will give you an idea about how essays are written.

Past Paper Worked Solutions (2003 – 2019)

Going through the BMAT past papers is crucial as they are the best resources available for the exam. However, it is equally as important to know how to solve questions. Our Past Paper Worked Solutions provide detailed explanations on how to answer the different types of questions which appear in the exam. There are 1000+ Worked Solutions for past papers from 2003 – 2019. Each question is solved step by step so learning is made much easier. Detailed essays are provided, which will help you to tackle section 3 in the real exam. This is a very helpful and important tool for those who wish to achieve high scores in the BMAT.