You can discuss the following points:

  • The statement is trying to say that the living body is more than just a mechanism and it should not be simplified in such a way.
  • Indeed, there are different systems in the body that work together in order to help the body survive. This can be thought of like a car, in which different parts of the car help the car to function (tyres, brakes, accelerator, steering wheel etc). If one of these parts fail to function, then the car would not work efficiently.
  • Similarly, our body has different systems such as nervous system, circulatory system, respiratory system etc. We are taught about these systems in a general manner because the systems working a similar way for everyone.
  • However, every person is different in their own respect. Everyone has different personalities and emotions which is why it could be wrong to say that the living body is a mechanism. It should also be noted that treatments vary from person-to-person even if they have the same medical condition. Different approaches must be taken when treating different patients as every patient has different emotions, personalities and sentiments. It would be wrong to treat their bodies merely as a mechanism.
  • The living body is a very complex structure and we have not even fully understand how it works. Therefore, the living body should be treated differently from person-to-person rather than generalising it as a singular mechanism.