18) C

The argument is that people do not have the right to criticise farmers for their use of pesticides.
We must find a flaw in this argument.

 A – Wrong
Statement A is not true. The argument only says that people should not complaint about farmers’ use of pesticides since they choose supermarkets according to price.

B – Wrong
It is not necessarily contradicting itself. The use of pesticides has advantages and disadvantages but you cannot correlate maximum yield and damage to environment. Giving advantages and disadvantages of something does not necessarily mean that you are contradicting yourself.

C – Correct
The text says that farmers make a loss because the public chooses the chepar supermarket which leads to farmers bringing their prices down. This forces farmers to use pesticides to increase yield and hence avoid loss. However, the text does not consider other options for avoiding loss and assumes that using pesticides is the only solution.

D – Wrong
Farmers selling directly to the public is not relevant to the question and the conclusion.

E – Wrong
Since we do no know if people living near farms are affected or not, we cannot classify this as a flaw of the argument.

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