9) A

The inference made in the study is that male monkeys naturally showed more interest in masculine toys and female monkeys naturally showed more interest in feminine toys.
We need a statement that can either prove this inference unreliable or wrong.

A – Correct
Firstly, it does not matter which sex is more dominant. To put this simply, the more dominant sex took all the attractive toys for themselves and left the less attractive ones for the other sex. This means that there is not necessarily a gender preference.

B – Wrong
Irrelevant as we are not sure how long is ‘quickly’.

C – Wrong
Preference for different kinds of foods is completely unrelated to preferences in different kinds of toys.

D – Wrong
Studies on monkeys are more reliable than studies on other species as monkeys are more relatable to humans. So this is not a strong challenge.

E – Wrong
Preferences for different kinds of toys is not related to signs of social behaviour.

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