35) D

Sunflower oil does not contain any omega-3. It can only contribute to the omega 6 ratio.

Ratio of omega-6:omega 3 in flaxseed oil = 0.2:1

Let us say we use 100g of flaxseed oil. It would contain 12.7 g of omega 6 and 53.3 g of omega 3.
However, we need 2 times as much omega 6 than omega 3. Since we have 53.36g of omega-3, we would need 106.6g of omega 6. We already have 12.7g of omega 6 from the flaxseed oil.
Mass of omega 6 need from sunflower oil = 106.6g – 12.7g = 93.9g

100g of sunflower oil contains 65.7g of omega 6.
100g = 65.7g
x = 93.9g
x = (100/66) x 94 = 142g
Mass of sunflower oil in the mixture = 142g
Total mass of mixture = 100g + 142g = 242g
Percentage of flaxseed oil = (100/242) x 100 = 41%
The answer is D

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