31) D

Number of pairs of interests mentioned in the table:

Cricket and Hockey

Golf and Rugby

Hockey and Snooker

Football and Snooker

Cricket and Rugby

Football and Golf

There are 6 different combinations for 6 different friends.

Each of the friends sitting either side of Jess shares one common interest with her.

Possible interests that Jess could have:

Rugby and Golf

Cricket and Golf

Football and Cricket

Football and Golf

There are no combinations of (Football and Cricket) or (Cricket and Golf).

So Jess must like either (Football and Golf) or (Rugby and Golf).

The only persons which have either (Football and Golf) or (Golf and Rugby) opposite them are David and George.

If the person sitting opposite Jess was David,

The person sitting on the left of David likes football and snooker. However, the person sitting to the right of Jess likes football and snooker. This means that David must be to the right of the person who likes football and snooker. This means that David cannot be opposite to Jess.

Since David is not opposite Jess, Jess must like Golf and Rugby. Therefore, George is sitting opposite Jess.

So D is the answer. Here is the circle: