Ageing is the natural process of growing old. It happens to everyone and is neither preventable nor reversible. It happens because our cells stop working and break down, causing conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Scientists are trying to find ‘cures’ for ageing so we can make it preventable and treatable. They are trying to look at ageing as if it is a disease. The statement is, therefore, trying to say that we should not look at ageing as a disease.

All organisms grow old and have a certain lifespan. It is inevitable that every organism on this planet is going to die at some point in time. As straightforward as it may sound, ageing is just a stage in an individual’s life which indicates that they are getting close to their death. Curing ageing and prevent individuals from living their normal lifespan can lead to some serious consequences in the future. Firstly, the birth rate would exceed the death rate substantially. The problem of overpopulation can cause problems for all people. Lesser food and clean water availability will lead to poor quality of life for everyone.
Secondly, curing ageing would probably involve changing genetic codes in our DNA. Since every organism has a different genetic code, it would be difficult to determine which genetic code to change. A single mistake could lead to serious problems for the individual. Therefore, we need to ensure whether the risk outweighs the advantages.
There have been many cases in the past which prove that interfering with nature can lead to more problems for the whole planet.

On the contrary, if cures for ageing are found, people will be able to live a more fulfiling life. They will be able to accomplish more things and explore the planet more. Hypothetically, lesser people will be affected by diseases that come with ageing such as heart diseases and cancer. If this is true, fewer resources will be used to treat such diseases. These resources can instead be used to treat other conditions such as genetic disorders.

To conclude, ageing is a natural degenerative process which every organism goes through. It is crucial to prevent overpopulation and cures for ageing will only worsen this situation. However, quality of life should also be taken into consideration. If ageing is prevented, diseases caused can also be prevented. More research is required to provide treatments for such diseases. If curing ageing can allow us to treat such conditions, it would be right to treat ageing as if it were a disease.