2) C

The argument made by the passage is the first line “The rise of the internet-connect smartphone and similar devices poses a risk to the ties that bind us together within society.”

Option A talks about previous generations where families had larger number of children. This is irrelevant to the passage as the passage talks about the interactions between people in society not number of children.

Option B states that internet-connected devices help people who struggle with face-to-face interactions. However the passage states that internet-connected devices pose risk for people. Option B weakens the argument, not strengthen it.

Option C states that younger children are entertained by smartphones and are not encouraged to have face-to-face interactions. This supports the argument as the argument states that smartphones are causing problems with face-to-face interactions which help bind us together within society.

Option D is talks about a future with robots which would be able to interact like humans. Again, this is irrelevant to the passage as it talks about us as a society and not robots.