We believe that preparing for the BMAT is a process which involves 3 steps:

  1. Gathering all the knowledge required for the BMAT (for all 3 Sections)
  2. Testing yourself! Doing past papers and using the knowledge you have gathered
  3. Correcting your mistakes. For each question that you get wrong, go back and see why you got it wrong. Then learn the correct way to solve that question.

This is why we have put together 2 books to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills required to tackle the exam with confidence:

To complete step 1 of the process, use our BMAT Revision Guides to gather all the knowledge required for the BMAT.

Then do the past papers provided here. After completing each past paper go back and attempt the questions you got wrong. If you are unable to arrive at the correct answer, use our Past Paper Worked Solutions to see how to obtain the correct answer.

Please check out the books by clicking the links provided above.