12) B

First bus on Thursday is at: 09:15
Time taken to travel from Airport to Pafaka centre = 50 minutes
So Nicola will reach Pafaka centre at: 10:05

She needs to reach back to the airport at 17:00
She will need to take a bus which is early enough so that she can arrive back after the 50 minutes of travel. We need to look at the second table.

22:40 is not an option
21:25 is not an option
20:20 is not an option
19:45 is not an option
16:30 is not an option. 16:30 + 50 minutes = 17:20. This is too late
15:20 is the option as she will reach back to the airpot at: 15:20 + 50 minutes = 16:10

She will be at the Pafaka centre from 10:05 to 15:20
This means that she will be there for 5 hours and 15 minutes.
B is the answer

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